Symmetry Dance Company and Symmetry Yoga are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment to explore yoga, fitness and dance. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and that is our number one goal. Regardless of shape, size, level of fitness or mobility, we believe there is a class for you. Symmetry provides customers with a clean and comfortable environment along with knowledgeable and friendly staff.


At Symmetry, we have a different approach to embracing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We believe that balance in life is essential to navigating through today’s hectic world, and that balance can only be achieved through self-focus. In other words, we believe that a focus on ourselves will help us to better focus on the people and responsibilities around us. Our founder, Abby Slater, wanted to create an environment where you can focus on yourself through yoga, fitness, and dance. At Symmetry, our goal is to help you achieve outward results by first focusing inward.


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